이나경 학생 (Na Kyeong Lee)

MSc candidate, Physical Pharmacy.
Seoul National University (2014~2016)

Biomedical Sciences, BSc.
 University College London (UCL) (2010~2013)

Key words: Cancer immunotherapy,
Drug Delivery Systems.


Taslim Ahmed Al-Hilal

Current: 2014.09.10 ~ Present
Center for Theragnosis, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)

2010-2014, Ph.D. in Pharmacy, Seoul National University,
Seoul, South Korea

2007-2010, M. Sc. in Pharmacy, Seoul National University,
Seoul, South Korea

2002-2006, B. Sc. in Pharmacy, University of Development Alternative (UODA), Dhaka, Bangladesh


Key words
Bile acid transporter, Drug delivery, Tumor angiogenesis, Deep tissue penetration

Cancer is a diverse set of diseases with vastly different genotypes and phenotypes. Cancer-specific biomarkers and their expression levels can vary considerably among different tumor types and within their growing endothelium. Dr. Taslim is currently investigating the functional role of different endothelial markers on tumor angiogenesis. In understanding the basic molecular and cellular mechanisms that governs the tumor angiogenesis, through his work, would be helpful to design new therapeutic agents, more specifically new therapeutic targets. He is also working to solve the delivery problems associated with conventional nanoparticles or therapeutics owing to penetrate deep to the tumor tissues by preventing cancer-associated London (UCL) (2010~2013)



                                                                         Lab TEL : 02-958-5941   Lab Email : 
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